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The Evewell

61 Harley Street, London, W1G 8QU

Basic IVF Starting From



Initial Consultation


Ultrasound Scan

  • Specializes in Endometriosis

  • Fertility and Gynaecology

  • Convenient Location

  • Video Consultation Available

  • Female Doctors Available

  • Accepts Patients With BMI 35 or Below

  • Monthly Payment Plan Available

  • Donor Eggs / Embryos Not Available

  • Acceptance of Ages Over 44 Subject to the Clinic's Discretion

  • Embryo Transfers: 1 Preferred, 2 for Ages 40 and Under, 3 Over Age 40

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The Evewell, located in the heart of London on iconic Harley Street, is a fully-integrated fertility and gynaecology clinic set in a discreet and luxury environment offering a holistic solution to women’s health with a focus on preventative screening and early diagnosis. The clinic specializes in treatment of endometriosis and related conditions such as adenomyosis, ovarian cysts and offers full range of fertility treatments including IUI, IVF, ICSI, laparoscopy to relieve blocked fallopian tubes and removal of ovarian cysts, hysteroscopy for inspection of the womb and cervix among others.

The clinic is equipped with a state-of-the-art lab, an air purification system that eliminates toxins creating the right conditions for embryos, GERI incubators and an integrated embryo monitoring system to watch over each embryo as it develops.


The clinic is about 45 minutes from Heathrow airport by car, an hour by public transport, walking distance from Oxford Circus, Bond Street underground stations, about 20 minutes by walk from Marylebone station connecting the rest of UK by Chiltern Railways. It is about 20 minutes by public transport from St Pancras International station connecting London to Europe by trainlines including Eurostar. The clinic is well connected with suburbs of London, rest of UK and Europe with lots of hotels and restaurants nearby.


London mainly has a temperate oceanic climate with warm summers and mild winters. Temperature in summer can go as high as 23.3°C (73.9°F) on an average at the peak of July and in winters the temperature can go as low as 2.2°C (36°F) on an average with February being the coldest month. Spring is mild and wet, whereas autumn is pleasant but can get breezy. There can be sudden changes in climate during the day or the week with drizzle and wet days to be expected throughout the year. Light snowflakes are common in winter months with moderate snowfall in some cold years. Frost is a common occurrence during winter nights and fog is seen regularly in the city.


The clinic offers full range of fertility and gynaecology treatments and procedures.


  • IUI

  • IVF (including Natural IVF, elective freezing of embryos)

  • Egg Preservation

  • Sperm Preservation

  • Laparoscopy

  • Hysteroscopy


  • ICSI

  • GERI Incubator

  • Blastocyst Transfer


  • Pre-implantation Genetic Testing

  • Endometrial Receptivity Analysis


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Dr. Colin Davis


Dr. Davis is a fertility and gynaecology consultant at the clinic, with over 20 years of experience. As a published author, he has written a number of papers and books on the topics of tubal surgery and endometriosis. Colin has an active research programme, where his work in assisted reproductive technologies has been instrumental in improving the likelihood of achieving pregnancy and fertility in many couples.


Dr. Dimitri Psaroudakis


Dr. Psaroudakis, a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, having previously worked as a Consultant at St Bartholomew’s Hospital is highly trained in subfertility and reproductive health with a special interest in acute gynaecology and early pregnancy. Dr. Psaroudakis is fluent in English and Greek.


Dr. Montserrat Amodeo

Medical Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr. Amodeo, trained and qualified in Spain, now a GMC registered specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology brings several years of experience from working in Reproductive Clinical team at St Bartholomew’s Hospital as a fertility and gynaecology specialist with a special interest in ultrasound and minimal invasive procedures. Dr. Amodeo is fluent in English and Spanish.


Medical History & Assessment, May Include Ultrasound Scan

Baseline Scan

Follicle Tracking

Follicle Tracking

Follicle Tracking


Nurse Consultation

Day 3-5

Day 7

Day 10

Day 12-13

Day 17-18



Day 2

Day 6

Day 8

Day 11

Day 14-17

Consent, Injection Procedure Walkthrough, Virology Blood Tests



Embryo Transfer

Egg Collection


COVID-19 Safety Measures

The Evewell is practicing social distancing within the clinic to reduce the number of patients in the clinic and reduce the number of in-person interactions with clinicians, staff or other patients. This includes the use of video consultations if appropriate, changing the flows of patients within the building, and spacing out patients in waiting areas.  Staff and patients are required to wear a mask at all times within the building, and patients having a fertility procedure are required to have a COVID-19 swab performed prior to Day 2 of their cycle. Enhanced PPE is used by staff for all procedures as suggested by industry bodies.

COVID19 Safety Measures
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