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Fertility Services During Second Lockdown in England

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Just when you thought you've had enough of 2020, the UK is bracing another set of restrictions and lockdowns. A number of you have reached out to us during the first lockdown with concerns regarding your ongoing fertility treatment or how the lockdown is going to affect your fertility journey. We listened to you and opened up forward bookings to our partner clinics so you can get a place in the line to start your fertility treatment with our innovative booking system in place without having to wait. It's that time of the pandemic again. England is going through another lockdown and we want to make sure we got your back and keep you informed in an already stressful fertility journey.

HFEA released a statement in relation to the second lockdown in England and has maintained that there are no plans to close down fertility clinics as of the day of writing this post. This is good news for those that are undergoing treatment in that there won’t be interruptions in the treatment process and we understand the anxiety associated with start-stop approach governments are taking to handle the pandemic.

Our users’ safety is of utmost concern to us so we wanted to share relevant resources and information so you can make an informed decision to start / pause / delay your treatment as not all areas of the UK are affected equally. You can find some resources below:

You can see how the virus is spreading in your area here.

List of things you can and cannot do during the lockdown.

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